This Is Fashion goes STO (ICO 2.0)

Get the same rights and the same legal protection as with an ordinary IPO.

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Fully tokenized stock

Including, meeting, dividend and voting rights.

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AFM compliancy

We work with the Dutch regulatory office to make sure we are in full compliance. 

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The Challenge

For a fashion professional, lover and devotee, it is difficult to find and access all the information in existing fashion media. Online information is scattered over a variety of sources and offline media is even more inaccessible. To make matters worse; It’s almost impossible and, incredibly expensive to receive foreign magazines at home. Fashion lovers worldwide ask themselves: ”Why is it so difficult to access everything fashion in one place?” A strange question considering the magazine media market for women’s interest accounts for a total of 145 billion Dollars in annual revenue.  

Product Presentation

The Solution

Accessible to everyone in the 3 trillion-dollar global fashion industry, whenever and wherever. Our platform will stream the desired content to viewers directly to their mobile phone, tablet, computer, or any internet-enabled device like a smart TV.

With an estimation of 2,987 international monthly and quarterly fashion magazines, 62 fashion series, 1,431 fashion inspired movies and documentaries, 96,881 fashion books, 1,470,000 catwalks, and 3200 pattern books, and an estimate of women’s interest’s holding 47 percent of the global print and media market We know there is enough content to fill our library. Not only are we working out deals to add and monetize content to our library, we work on preserving this heritage as well.countless


The Opportunity

The global fashion market accounts for 2 percent of the worlds Gross Domestic Product. The publishing market is 308 billion annually (TAM), women’s interest accounts for 47% of this market.  This is fashion has the seized the opportunity to penetrate these markets. On our adventure, we already managed to get the interest from the worlds major publishers like Marie Claire group, Mondadori, Lagardere and managed to close some license deals for their content.

This STO helps to accelerate this process and brings This Is Fashion to market. This fundraiser is special, instead of aiming at the major banks. This Is Fashion believes everybody should be able to invest in the future of fashion media. Institutional investors and the This Is Fashion clientele they dubbed the “#FashionHeroes” alike! This while offering all the protections and legal rights that a normal IPO offers.

Consumer Responses
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Whitepaper (Draft)

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More about This Is Fashion
“As someone who is passionate about sustainable apparel, I applaud This is Fashion’s ambition to capture fashion’s rich heritage in a digital and paper-free way.”
Leslie Johnston
Executive Chair - C&A Foundation
“FIPP is always delighted to support exciting new businesses and This is Fashion is no exception. We’re looking forward to working with Sander and the team as we help them to develop their exciting concept.”
James Hewes
“This Is Fashion has conceived a much needed and delightfully simple concept that brings fashion history to everyone's finger tips”
Marcellous Jones
Host - Mens Fashion Insider

Unlike any ICO ever before!

This is fashion will do an ETO, but what makes this form of ICO different from all other offers out there, why is it impossible to compare our strategy to a normal ICO?

Investor Protection

Because our TIFstock represent tokenized shares in our company and a lot of hard work with our team of lawyers, TIFstock offers the same investor protection and rights as regular corporate stock.

Voting and Dividend

The DAPP provided by gives our investors the capabilities to vote and recieve dividend, either in euros or in Ethereum. It also enables them to trade with each other.

Publicly Tradeable

This Is Fashion is working to list her stock on multiple exchanges. Our aim is to make your stock publicly tradeable as soon as possible. We aim to make investor on and off-boarding as easy as possible.

Key Figures ETO


This Is Fashion her technology, deals, and IP are valuated at 10M euro. Leaving enough room the acquisition of rapid growth capital.


The TIF Holding is divided into 12 million shares. Every share including the founders part will be tokenized. All technology will be held here.


The official price for a TIF holding share. Only during our PRE-ETO (ICO) rounds will they be sold with a discount.


Only during our PRE-ETO (ICO), until Friday the 6th, we offer a 20% discount for the first batch of tokens. Get your TIFstock now!


The soft-cap for this ETO. with 500K we will be able to launch our product and bring TIFstock to a regulated public exchange.


The hardcap for this tokensale. This ensures we have enough room to build value. This ensures we can reach a higher valuation in our next capital run.

ETO in 3 steps

The road to funding and public trading and liquid stock.


Raising some funds to do the legal footwork necessarily for our ETO. Some fund will also be used to drive the This Is Fashion product pre-sales and marketing campaigns.


Raising an additional 900K to launch the This Is Fashion app within English speaking Europe and America, acquire more content, and launch our DAPP for our investors.

Public trade

Bringing the TIFstock Token to multiple regulated and licensed exchanges so our investors can start trading our stock token. Or HODL for dividends!

ETO Advisors

Ruud de Kleijn

Legal and Regulation
Ruud studied Applied Physics and ultimately completed business law cum laude. He specialises in commercial litigation, financial law, compliance and IT issues, with a specific focus on blockchain challenges for tech companies. Because of his combination of a technical background and experience in management of companies, Ruud is often asked to counsel start-ups and scale-ups with innovative ideas, on-blockchain and off-blockchain.

Rob Verheul

Co Founder
Visionary, result oriented COO and entrepreneur. Creates a clear vision (based on market, client and organisation) and translates this into a pragmatic implementation. Lead by example and not afraid to take tough decisions to get to the desired result. Ability to build high performing teams and lead complex strategical programs. Experienced in both Asset Management and Retail Securities.

Herman Vissia PHD.

Crypto Technology
Herman has quite some experience in Quality and Maintenance management, especially in the automation of those processes. He was the first to build a framework to tokenize corporate shares in full compliance with the AFM (Dutch SEC). Together with Rob he runs and tokenized his own company ByeleX to gain the experience needed for this project. Experienced in block chain technology and research

Business Advisors

Bert Heijtink

Security Advisor
Bert is matured and specialized in the Infosecurity world by 19 years of Experience and Education. He is a determined, adaptive and focused Security and IT professional, certified in this area to provide Security in the advisory and delivery of security development and services within an large area of companies.

Chris Llewellyn

CEO - Print Guru
Before being CEO for the Federation of International Print publishers, Chris was managing director for Bauer Media and Emap France. His passion for print media, knowledge of the industry, and massive network give us the opportunity to sit down with any CEO and decision maker in the industry.

TIF Leadership

Sander Kooger

Founder - CEO
He built This Is Fashion from the ground up. From idea to concept, from concept to team, from team, to prototype.

Juliet Broersen

Communication Director
She started as Modelboard magazine protege at age 16, worked her way up in the NY communication world to join Tommy Hilfiger. Juliet brings all the knowledge to build and expand our brand.

Ina Simic MSC

ING. Simic to be precise, takes the lead as CTO combining her knowledge of tech with her passion for fashion
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Idea to Prototype

February 3, 2016

Idea to Prototype

From an idea that sparked, to a viable business concept. A lot needed to be researched, built and tested on our future users. After seeing the potential our founder decided to commit fulltime without pay.

Created Pitch Video

May 30, 2017

Shooting of our product pitch and Kickstarter campaigns using the app designs we built. We are very proud of the results!


Team and Advisors

October 31, 2017

Recruited the This Is Fashion team, and the industry advisors necessarily to launch this project.


Pitch: Digital Innovator Summit

March 22, 2018

Presented to the international committee at the DIS; The annual event organized by the Federation of International Print Publishers. Attended by major players like Hearst, Conde Nast, Marei Claire group, Time inc, Meredith and many more. resulting in industry traction and the onboarding of Chris Llewelynn FIPP’s old CEO.

Locked First Deal

May 31, 2018

Marie Claires CEO Agreed to a collaboration with This Is Fashion opening the doors to all global Marie Claire content.


June 11, 2018

Start Fundraiser with €500K soft and €1mln hard cap. Goal; to make This Is Fashion the first Equity backed ICO that complies with Dutch regulations.

ICO Kickoff

August 1, 2018

Kikc off our public ICO! Selling shares and gaining traction in Product and business development!

Kickoff Sales Paris Fashion Week

September 24, 2018

The TIF team will kick off product sales during Paris Fashion Week. Our mission is to sell as many subscriptions targeted at influencers as possible. When we are funded we will host a press event and cocktail party to bind the initial influencers and press to our brand.

List TIFstock

March 1, 2019

Making our stock publicly tradeable via international regulated and certified crypto exchanges. We are currently already in meetings with several exchanges although we are not at the stadium yet where are feel comfortable naming them.

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