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Frequently Asked Questions

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This ICO differs substantially from the current ICOs. The difference with the regular ICO is that investors get the same rights and the same legal protection as with an ordinary IPO. They really get shares in the company – and thus real value – for their money. They have meeting, voting and dividend rights, are given control of the company and can trade their shares to realize shareholder value in the future. Moreover, the ICO 2.0 meets all legal and financial-technical requirements.

TIF wants to allow its stakeholders, such as customers, partners and staff, to participate in an innovative way through an ICO. Participants with TIFstock become a real involved shareholder of This Is Fashion, Netflix for fashion. With the raised capital This Is Fashion wants to finance the growth of the organization, strengthen the cooperation with companies in the field of R&D and develop and expand the growth potential of existing products.

The ICO starts at 10th of september and will end on the 10th of november.

Buying BYESHARES is very easy and you can buy them with Bitcoins, Ethereum, iDEAL, Alipay and credit transfer. Just simply follow our steps in the process plan on https://tifstock.io.

The price per token is determined at €0.83 euro per TIFstock. During the ICO period there is a discount of 20% or 10%.

We expect a 100% rise in stock value in the upcoming 36 months. 

Yes, the minimum investment is set at 75 TIFstock Tokens and the maximum is set at 80000 tokens per transaction per day.

TIFstock are tokenized shares and built on the Ethereum platform.

Yes, this is not a problem. However, you need to make sure that you create an Ethereum address and claim your TIFstock when the ICO has ended. We will keep you posted or you can email us if you have questions. If you want you can get your Ethereum MetaMask wallet at https://metamask.io/

For help with installing Metamask, you can follow our step-by-step guide: Using Metamask to create an Ethereum Wallet

You can store your TIFstock in your Ethereum wallet. The recommended wallet is MetaMask, but we will support the Ledger Nano from the end of June.

In case you did not fill in the Ethereum wallet you can claim your TIFstock with the username and password that you use to log in your TIFstock.io account. This feature only works of you have a fulfilled sales order in your account.  

As soon as our DAPP ( Decentralized AAPlication) is lanched you can redeem your TIFstock with your username and password within our application. 

After the ICO is finished, we will need some time to manually process the different payment channel orders, to sort out the token allocation. Once this is done, your TIFstock will be distributed to the specified Ethereum address.

As soon as the ICO is ended we will start the process of listing the TIFstock on one or more exchanges.

Very easily, you can import the JSON file in your MetaMask wallet. How to import a JSON file.

You can find the sales terms here.

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