TIFstock Friends, Family and Fools

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TIFstock is an ERC20 based Ethereum token that represents the stock within our holding a fully AFM compliant share within TIF Holding. The largest online fashion library. It comes with the same rights and protections as regular corporate stock. This includes voting and dividend rights.

  • Minimum order 150 Tokens
  • As soon as the tokens are available they will be delivered to your ETH wallet. 
  • At this moment only Metamask wallets are supported!

Don’t have a wallet yet? no problem we will make sure you can import the tokens in a later stage.

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Ohh dear… You missed out! The friends and family tokens are all sold. Fortunately there is still Tiered discount stock available. Register for updates below or join our telegram group to make sure that if we run another big discount you are the first to know. 

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